"Here Comes Rusty" Pink Bandana

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These Pink Bandanas will help bring "Here Comes Rusty" to theaters worldwide!

Hello! I'm Hughes Smith, an independent filmmaker and one of the men behind “Here Comes Rusty”. Our team is raising funds to bring our film starring Col. Bruce Hampton, Fred Willard & Joey Lauren Adams to theaters across North America and communities worldwide, and we need your help!

The film will premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival in April of 2016. We get community screening requests every week and have been thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive audience response to the film. Whether it’s fans of music, comedy, or greyhound racing, it has become clear that there is a wide and receptive audience and people who want to share this film with their communities.

So, about the bandana. Another face behind our film - the writer of the movie, producer, and my brother, William Ross Smith, sadly passed away in his sleep just days before we released our trailer. Our production company called Pink Bandana Productions, was a playful nod to Ross's love of all things pink. Man could he pull it off like no other. We decided to include his name in the corner of our bandanas, in remembrance of my fallen brother, and to help his spirit live on. Ross was truly the driving force behind this film, and we miss him dearly.

Our goals with this campaign are: 1) to bring the film to a wide audience in theaters in the US/Canada, and 2) to connect directly with various communities worldwide to allow them to host their own screenings. With your help we can make it happen across North America and beyond!

Releasing a film is expensive, and in addition to our production costs, we have to raise money to cover the release itself. We hope to raise as much as possible to bring the film to all of your neighborhood theaters.

If we don’t raise enough, we will not be able to fund our theatrical release. We want as many people as possible to see this film. So please give what you can—and then help us spread the word!

Thank you!

Hughes Smith
Executive Producer
Here Comes Rusty